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credits Toon Loenders

Nonsense TV

No panic. TV may need a few seconds to startup at Earth-frequency 


a short film by Toon Loenders

Art director for

Eggbert is a new born chick that escaped his nest to discover the whole wide world. But, in all his curiousity and instability, he might oversee some things that may bring him in trouble ... 

TUMULTUM is an audiovisual installation that enrolls the analogue making of noise and shows the use of it in a digital moving picture. It's all about manipulating frames to make someone believe what he sees.




Art director for

a short film by Paul Driessen & Toon loenders

Genesis, the seventh day, early in the morning.  

The Creator realizes he forgot to add sound to the world! He starts fixing this by using his weird collection of animated cartoons.  But not to the liking of his creatures…

credits: Compositing art


music by Pilkington Utd.

video by Diren Agbaba

animation by Sam Billen

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Nonsense TV

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credits Toon Loenders
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